Purple Haze All In My Brain

I’ve got a secret to share, and since I promised to write about more personal things, today seems as good as any to spill the beans. I debated for a long time about sharing this, but I simply can’t keep it bottled inside any longer.

I like purple.

No big deal, you say? Try being a guy and admitting that. Unless you’re, say, Prince – or the Minnesota Vikings – you can’t really get away with it. I’ve had girlfriends smirk at me and make the inevitable “who’s wearing the pants in this relationship?” comment when learning of my passion for purple. (The answer? Nobody, if it’s a good relationship! Who’s got time for pants?!). But, I say, hold on a second. This is hardly an obsession. It’s not like I’ve got Barney throw pillows on my couch or a refrigerator stocked to the brim with eggplant. I just find the color visually appealing, and not just any old purple. It’s a very particular shade that I like – deep and dark. Purple is a combination of red and blue, and I definitely like mine with a heavy emphasis on the blue portion. I think it might be called royal? I’d check with Prince William, but he’s too busy preparing for all the critical duties of a future king to worry over the plight of a commoner like me.

I’m sorry it’s not considered a “manly” color, like black (what am I supposed to do, walk around all the time pretending I’m in mourning??) or pink. Labels are ridiculous, unless they tell you not to mix bleach and ammonia or don’t operate heavy equipment after ingesting such-and-such medication. I think purple is cool, baby. Dig it. I’ve heard that Robert Downey Jr. is a fan, and let’s face it, Tony Stark/Iron Man is pretty badass. Plus, the Joker wasn’t somebody to mess around with, either.

I actually blame genetics. I’ve got an aunt and uncle back east who love purple so much that they’ve painted their house that color. Don’t worry, I would never go that far.

Mostly because my homeowner’s association would never let me.

I kid, I kid! I just don’t see the big deal in admitting to the fact that I like the color purple. It’s the color of aristocracy and nobility. Kings in medieval Europe wore the color. Here are some additional interesting facts about purple:

  • Purple needlegrass is the state grass of California. Funny, I thought the state grass was grass. Not grass grass but, you know, grass. What with all the easy-to-score marijuana and let’s-legalize-it initiatives.
  • In billiards, purple is the color of the 4-solid and 12-striped balls. And also the color of your face when you realize you’ve just been hustled by a pool shark.
  • In Japan and other portions of East Asia, the color purple is associated with death. Great. I’m 42 and I like purple. I may not survive this year, after all.
  • Purple figures prominently in Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. The narrator’s curtains are purple and the cushions have a “velvet violet lining.”
  • In Star Trek, the Klingons have purple blood. And I’m sure Captain Kirk bedded a purple alien chick or two in his day.
  • Porphyrophobia is fear of the color purple. Deepporphyrophobia is fear of the band Deep Purple.
  • In U.S. politics, a “purple state” is one evenly divided between Republicans (represented by the color red) and Democrats (the color blue). In other words, it is a myth.
  • The only words that rhyme with purple are “curple” (the small of the waist before the flare of the hips) and “hurple” (Scottish for an impediment similar to a limp). Take that, orange!
  • People with purple auras are said to have a love of ritual and ceremony. They’d also better keep an eye out for Sheb Wooley, who extolled the virtues of dining on them in his 1958 hit song Purple People Eater.
  • A purple room can boost a child’s imagination or an artist’s creativity. It also does a swell job of hiding grape juice stains.

So, there you go. If it’s good enough for Jimi Hendrix, then it’s good enough for me!

Jimi approves, and so do I. (Courtesy of allposters.com)

Published by Mark Petruska

I'm a professional writer and editor living my best life in south central Wisconsin.

23 thoughts on “Purple Haze All In My Brain

  1. That’s it?! You aren’t a hermaphrodite or like to cross dress on the weekends? You like purple? Pfft….so what? Just tell people you back U of W and you’ll be cool.


  2. Mark.
    I won’t judge you…

    in the New Testament, the word “baptised” is the same one used to talk about putting linen into purple dye…

    purple is the color of royalty.
    Christ is King.

    so…you can say that when we accept Jesus…and then get baptised, we are being “dyed” in the flesh with royalty…if that makes sense…

    anyway…I’ve always loved the color purple for that reason…



  3. Hey. Apparently I have a doppelganger (purpleganger?) out here whose name is Mark and also likes purple, and blogs about it! Thanks for hopping by “Marking Time”. I esp. liked learning about porphyrophobia, and that the aura thing is common with weirdos like us who are into ritual and ceremony… which I definitely am. Also, Sheb Wooley don’t scare me none, ’cause I’m a Wooley Bully. Keep it comin’ Mark.


    1. Don’t forget we also both cleverly used our names in our blog titles! “Purpleganger”…I like that. Thanks for stopping by, Mark! I found your post and couldn’t resist linking to it!


  4. Ahhh hahaha! I laugh because I first noticed The Mister because he was wearing a bright purple shirt. I thought it was kind of quirky and wonderful. Go on with your bad self, sir. Go on!


  5. Mark, you freakin’ KILL me….

    “The answer? Nobody, if it’s a good relationship! Who’s got time for pants?!)”


    Hey listen, I love the color purple too! Also, pink. That’s right…pink!

    Purple is actually a very powerful color. You’ll find that most creative and artistic people are attracted to purple because it stimulates creativity. It’s also a very spiritual and intuitive color.

    So, ROCK ON buddy! And enjoy your purple!


    1. Ron,

      Why did I just know you were going to say you liked pink? Call it intuition, buddy! So, next time I get stuck on my novel, I’m running out to Lowe’s, buying some purple paint, and redoing my bedroom. That’ll jumpstart those creative juices!


  6. My high school boyfriend wore a pink sweatshirt the first time I met him at a party. Someone had inadvertently washed his favorite white sweatshirt with a red t-shirt, and from then on, it was pink. In hindsight, he had to have personal strength about him not to care what others would say about his “pink” shirt. Purple is a lovely color. Have you seen the purple potatoes?


  7. I was expecting a half born twin growing out of your chest that can wave and blink. Purple is a little disappointing. But I support your decision as any gemstone color like that goes well with my red hair. I hereby approve this message.


  8. My dad’s favourite colour is purple. And growing up I always knew it was a good day to ask for favours when he was wearing his “sensitive shirt.” (ie: the pink one.) You don’t have one of those, do you? ‘Cause I do have some favours I could ask…


    1. I lived in California for 8 years and not once did I ever see this famed purple grass! The state flower, yes. The state grass? I wonder if it even truly exists!


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