After recently downloading a song on iTunes and seeing the bill pop up in my In Box a few days later – $1.06 – I decided, on a whim, to click on my Purchase History. This took me to a handy little spreadsheet that listed every single song, video, TV episode, podcast, and app I have downloaded since signing up for an iTunes account on April 6, 2005. Busting out the calculator, I quickly added up my total purchases, and was quite astonished to learn that, over the course of a little over six years, I have paid $913.26 to Apple for all my downloads.

Two thoughts:

  1. Holy crap.
  2. You’re welcome, Steve Jobs.

The vast majority of those purchases were for music, and I’ve got quite a library to show for it. There were a bunch of episodes of both Heroes and Lost that I bought while catching up on both series, and never even kept. Regardless, it’s an eye-opening number. That’s a budget of $150 a year, just for music. Hard for this unemployed guy to fathom.

Damn, that's a lot of mu$ic!

Oh, well. I don’t download items with the same frequency as I did early on, at least.

I’m trying out the new “aside” post format. Think of it as a 30-second commercial rather than a 22-minute sitcom. Maybe I’ll post shorter, more frequent entries. Or, you know…maybe not.

I drop the kids off at their mom’s house in a little over an hour, then I’m settling in for the three-hour season finale of Survivor. Even though he’s controlled the game from the start, it’s going to be tough for Boston Rob to go all the way and convince the jury he’s worthy of $1 million. Still, I hope he pulls it off.


Published by Mark Petruska

I'm a professional writer and editor living my best life in south central Wisconsin.

17 thoughts on “$913.26

  1. Ah…I just figured out how to get to this post – your sidebar!

    I can’t get over how many cool things you can do with this template, Mark. Lovin’ these ‘aside’ posts!

    $913.26. Holy crap…I could pay my rent, utility and phone bill with that.

    Have fun watching Survivor, bud. GO, Rob!


    1. This template rocks. Not sure why the title only appears in the sidebar…I guess the point of an “aside” is supposed to be more like a Facebook status update rather than a mini-entry, as this one was. I’m still learning how to best utilize this theme…it’s all about trial and error.

      I could pay a month’s mortgage with that. Sigh…


  2. That’s a big chunk of change, Mark! Hope you’ve enjoyed it! However, I know Sara and I spend massive amounts on books–kindle or otherwise. How does one live without Amazon.com?


  3. Yeah, I shudder to think how much I’ve spent on music so far. Me thinks I’ll go find out…*heavy sigh*.


  4. Mark.
    I think I just read, in the comments…who won Survivor!

    We haven’t watched the finale yet…
    I’ve been trying to avoid knowing…

    don’t tell me.


    1. Jane,

      Anything you read is clad in false leads and fake clues. I have carefully perfected the fine art of subterfuge here.


      Sorry if you saw something you didn’t want to…it’s so hard these days to avoid spoilers. Drives me crazy. I didn’t look at my phone or computer for six hours Sunday evening just to avoid anything at all.


  5. no worries, Mark. Part of getting older is I forget things…plus, as long as my son doesn’t hear…it’s all good.
    It’s frightening how deeply he gets the mind-games that get played on the show…



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