Why I’ll Never Be A Trucker

I’ve been back from my trip for a week now, and have had a surprisingly difficult time readjusting to a normal routine, both physically and mentally. After going for two weeks with little sleep, it seems my body has been overcompensating in that department. I find myself tired early, and sleeping soundly every night; last night I got about 9.5 hours(!), and this was after dozing off in my chair earlier in the evening. Not sure what’s up with that, but I decided I need some stimulation, as yesterday was the epitome of a lazy day spent doing nothing. I had planned on going for a hike today, but the weather was cool and wet, so I’m saving that for later in the week. I went to the movies instead – it’s $5 Tuesday, after all. My choice? Horrible Bosses, because I really like the cast (they’re all excellent: Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey in his best role since American Beauty, Jennifer Aniston in her nakedest role since The Break-Up, and a couple of surprise cameos). And also, because I’ve had some horrible bosses. I had come across a scathing review in the local paper, but Rotten Tomatoes gave it a pretty good score, and it received an A- in Entertainment Weekly, so I decided to check it out…and I’m glad I did! It’s raunchy and crude (but not obnoxiously so) and riotously funny at times. I would say it’s probably the funniest movie I’ve seen since The Hangover (and similar in tone). Trust me, that’s high praise. Getting out seems to have done me some good, too: I feel much more energetic today.

I've had a few in my day! (Courtesy of stickerhunt.net).

I’ve also been missing the open road. For a few days I was thankful to be back home; everything felt new again. But then, pretty quickly, it felt old again, and I found myself longing for the excitement of traveling to new destinations and seeing new sights. I wrote that my trip cured the aching sense of wanderlust that had gripped my very soul, but maybe that was short-lived. I suspect the travel bug is more contagious than I assumed, for I began fantasizing about hopping in the car and doing it all over again…somewhere, anywhere. But of course, that can’t – and won’t – happen. Unless I become a truck driver, an idea that flittered briefly through my head last week. Driving an 18-wheeler, I thought, would give me the perfect opportunity to see the United States! But then I realized two drawbacks. First off, I would be on a tight schedule. Sure, I’d get to see a lot of the country, but always from the bed of my cab – I couldn’t just pull off into some random cornfield on a whim. Second, I would hate myself. Those damn semis irritated me to no end; they were constantly going too slow or, worse, pulling out right in front of me to pass another truck that was going too slow for their tastes. I cursed them repeatedly, admonishing them to “stay in their own damn lane” time and time again, or at least to wait until I passed to pull into the fast lane, but they never listened to me. Plus, truckers are a little scary. I’m much too clean-cut to fit in. So, no career in the long-haul trucking industry for me, apparently. I am, in the meantime, buckling down and trying my damnedest to find a job. And, this ennui – this desire to be on the move, exploring, driving, adventuring – appears to be on the wane, as well. I find myself eager to get out and see and do the things I love around Portland the most, rather than heading off into the great unknown. Today is the first time that I feel like “myself” since returning. This is a good thing!

It would never work out: I'd annoy myself to death. (Courtesy of hubpages.com)

I also inadvertently forgot to write about one of the highlights of my trip – meeting a fellow blogger and long-distance friend, Laurie, my first night in Dayton. I blame a crappy internet connection in which I was “stealing” wi-fi from the parking lot of Bob Evans in a hot car with rolled-up windows on a muggy evening as the sun went down – I was in such a hurry to write about my childhood home and elementary school, I never got a chance to mention our meeting. Better late than never, though! I have known Laurie for more than five years now; we used to write on the same online journaling site, and got to know each other through our posts. We have a lot in common: an Ohio connection, we’re the same age, both divorced, both parents, both Whose Line Is It Anyway? connoisseurs, and we’ve both had dating “adventures” that – trust me – you simply wouldn’t believe. Ahh, if I had the freedom to write about those…but, anyway. We’ve helped each other out through some difficult times, and pretty much know one another’s deepest, darkest secrets. I just always figured we’d be online friends but would probably never meet, since we were thousands of miles apart, but then suddenly there I was in Dayton, about an hour from her home in Columbus. How could we not?

My first evening there – Wednesday, June 29th – she and her son, Neil drove down to visit me at the Day’s Inn I’d checked into. It was hot, and the A/C in her car wasn’t working, so she practically collapsed into a chair next to the air-conditioner upon arriving, while her son entertained himself mostly by jumping up and down on the bed. There was nothing even remotely awkward about seeing her; we chatted easily, like two old friends, which is pretty much what we are. After awhile the three of us walked over to the Bob Evans next door for dinner (I got a chicken pot pie that was one of the highlights of my trip, and Laurie ordered breakfast), where the excellent conversation continued. We hung out for awhile longer back in the room, where Neil decided I was a pretty likable guy and stretched out beside me on one of the beds (mom was on the other) while listening to music on an iPod. It was getting late, so eventually I walked them out to their car and we said goodbye.

I wanted to mention all this because it is one of the most appealing aspects of blogging to me: the friendships that I have made over the years, beginning with nothing more than words on a computer screen and culminating in actual meetings in person. By and large, these people have become confidantes and – I am sure – lifelong friends. Monica in Sacramento, Tara from Nevada, Heidi from California, and now Laurie – I feel close to them all, and lucky to count them as friends. I never had lasting friendships as a child thanks to all the moving around, so these relationships are extra special to me, and I treasure them all.

And because I’m a perfectionist completist, I’ve added the Laurie story (ooh, it rhymes!) to my official Day 8 report from the road.


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I'm a professional writer and editor living my best life in south central Wisconsin.

31 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Be A Trucker

  1. “I wanted to mention all this because it is one of the most appealing aspects of blogging to me: the friendships that I have made over the years, beginning with nothing more than words on a computer screen and culminating in actual meetings in person.”

    Amen….couldn’t agree with you more, Mark! In fact, I’ve met several people through the medium of blogging, who I continue to communicate with more often than some of the people I know offline.

    Hey listen, that movie sounds great! The cast is freakin’ awesome! Is Kevin Spacey not the best?


    1. Kevin Spacey has been lost in a sea of thankless roles these past few years – it was great to see him chew and stomp his way through the scenery as one truly horrible boss. Casting directors, take note: Kevin can play a great #$%@!


    2. Ditto on what Ron said about blogging. It’s amazing the people you’ll meet and the bonds you’ll forge… I have met a few readers of my blog, but have yet to meet fellow bloggers. I’m planning a meet up with Katie from Domestiphobia next month and I can’t wait! Thanks for adding this to your story 🙂


  2. I fully understand how hard it is to settle into home after being away for a while. I still don’t really want to be here! I also appreciate the benefit of friends found via blogging. One of mine is in Kentucky this week from Tokyo, and we will visit on Friday. I can’t wait to meet her in person!


    1. I thought once I walked through the door I wouldn’t want to leave for a good, long time. Turns out that good, long time was just a few days. Oh, well – it’ll just make the next journey that much more rewarding. Enjoy your in-person meeting, Kathryn!


  3. Yeah…I don’t think I would want to be a truck driver either. I’ve served plenty of them and they certainly are a different breed of person. Besides, you are much too nice of a person to become one of them.

    Yay for life-long friends!! Especially Tara from Nevada…she is pretty special!!


  4. You make it pretty easy to be friends with, Mark! And don’t listen to Tracy…she has to say that because she’s my mom. LOL

    I totally get the wanderlust. Love of the road is probably what has kept me at my job for so long, but I wonder how many other places I could’ve gone for fun if I wasn’t so burned out from traveling all the time!

    30 more days!


  5. Happy to hear you and Laurie had fun! If next summer you decide to visit Wisconsin, you have a free dinner coming anytime! I am so motivated by my favorite bloggers and am ever thankful for the connections I’ve made in this writing community, you being one of them. Thanks for always providing my Portland fix, and keeping me on my toes with your snarky comments! 😉


    1. P.S. If you do come, you’re not allowed to give me SPAM as a hostess gift, we’ve discussed this. I will not be eating any SPAM, regardless of your earlier enthusiastic posts. I fear it will put me on a regressive track towards bologna again, and Margaret and Wendy will make fun of me.


  6. They also don’t make 18 wheelers with automatic transmission as far as I know. Do you know how to double-clutch?


  7. This trip sounds like it was a lot of fun, Mark. A truckdriver, eh? That’s not for the faint of heart…I’ll stick with the road trips myself. A curly headed blonde traipsing the country in an 18-wheeler doesn’t fit the image. 🙂


  8. Hey. You have google ads on your site.
    are those new…or am I just completely oblivious?

    I love that you got to meet, in person, with Laurie.

    It’s amazing, the friendships that can come from this online stuff.



    1. What exactly are you seeing, Jane? There are no Google ads…at least not any visible to me…

      I love meeting people! Maybe you and I will meet someday…we’re practically neighbors and all!


  9. Mark–II accessed your blog post via the fb page while I was logged out of my wp.com account. it says “inshare” ads by google…
    i can’t capture the image, but below are the words…
    What’s your CSA score?
    Safety Inspectors are using CSA Scores now, Are you ready?
    Logbooks Made Simple
    Easy to understand book explaining trucker’s log book regulations.
    LogMate-Logbook software
    Try the Free demo to check your Hrs of Service, $34.95 for full version
    Trucking Software
    Quickly Find the Right Trucking Software for Your Business Needs.

    don’t know…but there it is


    1. I have no idea what that’s all about! I guess if I don’t see them, I won’t worry about them – but thanks for letting me know! I did approve a trackback to another site talking about trucking, so maybe that’s what’s going on.


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