Keyboard, Scorpion, Brad Pitt

Even though I didn’t go looking for another addiction in my life, I’ve officially found one. It’s a smart phone app called Draw Something, and holy cow am I hooked!

It all started when I saw friends on Facebook talking about the app and looking for people to play with. It sounded kinda lame, to tell the truth. You draw a picture on your phone and send it to your opponent, who then has to guess what it is you have just drawn. This would never appeal to me, I figured, because I am a terrible artist. My people are invariably stick figures with lopsided, too-long arms and no ears. I can’t draw to save my life, despite years of art classes in middle and high school. I’m not sure why {cough, cough…EASY A…cough, cough} I ever decided to take art as an elective. But I was missing the point, as it turns out. Because, as oddly counterproductive as this sounds, with Draw Something it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw. It’s actually a better experience if you’re a lousy artist. Half the fun is in coming up with a really lame picture and figuring out how to make your opponent figure it out – and trust me, you want to do this, because you only earn coins when the person you’re playing correctly guesses what you’ve drawn a picture of. What do the coins “buy” you, you’re wondering? Access to more colors, beyond the four you initially start out with. More colors = more detailed drawings! Woo-hoo!!

Isn’t technology a silly thing?

The premise is simple. Each round, you’re given a choice of three random words. One is supposed to be easy (and worth one coin), one is supposed to be somewhat difficult (worth two coins), and one is supposed to be tough (for three coins). For example, you might have to choose between drawing a keyboard, a scorpion or Brad Pitt. When you’re guessing words (which can vary from three to eight letters long), you are given a series of letters, some of which spell out the word, and some that are “ringers.” You have a limited supply of bombs which you can use to “blow up” a few of the letters that aren’t part of the word to make it easier to guess.

My biggest current addiction: Draw Something. (Courtesy of

Boy, the things that keep us amused nowadays.

But it’s addictive. Extremely. And I’ve got Tara’s brother, Eric, to thank for turning me on to this app. When we were visiting him in Seattle last week he whipped out his phone and suggested I play, so I did. I want to make a positive impression on Tara’s family, you know? I was actually just being polite, but it only took a couple of games for me to become full-on hooked. So much so that I posted a Facebook status update of my own trolling for friends to play, and was inundated with requests. Now this little drawing game is taking up ungodly chunks of my day, and has supplanted both Angry Birds and Words With Friends as my favorite “game.” Which is all good, clean, innocent fun, I suppose – except when there is still unpacking to be done and job searching to be completed.

I’m not the only one to have fallen under the Draw Something spell. It’s wildly popular. There are even websites devoted to some of the best drawings that people have done, like this one.

All in good time. We’ve actually got about 75% of Tara’s stuff unpacked and organized now. It’s been a crazy, hectic week filled with manual labor and a whole bunch of job interviews that I am dying to talk about but refuse to discuss lest I jinx myself. With everything going on, Tara and I needed a break, so we took advantage of a Groupon I had purchased some time ago and went to the movies yesterday. Not just any theater – this was Cinetopia, the local luxury movie house with a living room theater complete with leather recliners and ottomans, food and beverage service delivered right to your seat, and a butter bar for your popcorn. This was us, twenty-eight hours ago: the picture of relaxation.

Kicking our feet up at Cinetopia.

The movie was Cabin In The Woods, and even though Tara isn’t a fan of horror movies, she really liked this one – as did I. The script was witty, original, and didn’t take itself too seriously. There was blood and guts and gore, but nothing too over-the-top, and the film never veered off into Cheeseville, as it could have. Good job, Joss Whedon – two thumbs up here!

Today, we met up with a few of my friends and former coworkers for lunch at Panera. I wanted to prove to them that Tara actually existed. I think, after following along on my dating trials and tribulations over the years, this group of people wasn’t entirely convinced that such a wonderful girlfriend was, you know, real and not a figment of an overactive and desperate imagination eager to make up for my past mistakes in the relationship department.

Mission accomplished, on all counts. And the sandwiches rocked.

I’ve rambled long enough now, and suppose I should go. I’d tell you that there are a few boxes left to unpack or laundry to fold or something of that sort, but really I just want to go draw something.


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29 thoughts on “Keyboard, Scorpion, Brad Pitt

  1. OMG I LOVE DRAW SOMETHING. Its super addicting even though I can’t draw to save my life. But I also play Words With Friends. That I’m a bit better at.

    Glad to hear that things are well and you’re getting settled – good luck with the interview prospects! 🙂


  2. Yeah, I’ll stay away from that – I don’t need anything else to distract me from stuff I should be doing. I do a good enough job of that on my own. Sounds fun though – a potentially constant game of pictionary.


  3. See, this is WHY I don’t have a smartphone. Not only because I know I would be online all day, checking emails, comments, and blogging, but also downloading apps. and playing with them. I can barely stop my addiction to the games I have installed on my computer!

    Sounds like you and Tara are getting all settled in and adjusting well to your cohabitation. That movie theater you guys went to sounds AWESOME! There use to be a theater I went to in Florida called the Enzion, that sounded very much like the one you went to. It never felt like I was in a movie theater, but rather a living room or den. They sold beer, wine, and some of the most delicious appetizers!

    I clicked over to see the movie you guys went to, and that sounds like MY kinda film. I love scary horror movies!

    Great photo of you two!


    1. Smart phones will definitely suck you in that way, Ron! I try to limit my gaming to an hour a day, tops. Boy, it’s going to suck when I finally do land a job and have to – gasp! – cut back on my drawing!


  4. Yeah…thanks for getting me involved in draw something. Apparently, I must draw terrible since said “brother” won’t play with me. Anyway…I can’t believe you missed “strawman”. No more playing when lush deep is around…lol. Just kidding Mark…I have fun with it.


  5. I want to be addicted! Good thing I get to play some of your games while you’re in the shower. 😉

    Thanks for the trip to the movies yesterday, sweetie. I totally needed that day off!


    1. And when I’m driving and my phone is just sitting there idly, not being used. 🙂

      I loved yesterday. Tomorrow will be fun, too. And we can take a few breaks next week as well, baby! After all, we have to pace ourselves. Wouldn’t want to strain anything by working all the time.


  6. I didn’t know you liked Words with Friends or I would have challenged you to a game, but now I suppose you’re too busy drawing to spend time playing Words anymore. Too bad, so sad for me. Hope you job interviews go better than mine have! Good luck!


      1. So when I send you a Friend request on FB you won’t go “Who is this person & why is she bothering me?” You’ll remember it’s so I can challenge you to a game, right!


      2. LOL…well, I read your e-mail after I saw your friend requested, so I was still all “who is this person?!” Tara actually recognized you from the profile pic. Game on!


  7. The game sounds really, really fun. I will check it out. Sounds like something my Sara would love, as well. Plus, a movie theater with recliners? How cool is that? Can you bring a blanket or throw?


  8. I think most of these things appeal to a most vapid mind. But not this. This here is top dollar because it extracts creativity, employment of symbolism, transform abstract to visual and has never ending possibilities. Plus crayon color. I would really love to engage in this activity but the blog and visits consume most of my free time not thinking and drawing. I have watched this a bit and from what I’ve seen with the talent if someone were to start with a finite group you would have a multi authored cartoon strip book for publication in no time with a particular market prepared to eat it up.


    1. I figured if anybody would appreciate an app like this it would be you, Carl! I understand your lack of free time, though. I’m surprised I’m able to play as often as I do.


  9. I have a bone to pick with you. I read this post the other day and then downloaded Draw Something and proceeded to spend 5 hours playing that damned game. I’m supposed to be working on my novel. 😐

    Okay, so after two days of experience, I have a pet peeve. What the heck is up with the idiots who get the word Comet and then type Comet on the screen so you can retype it as the answer. This makes me crazy. In fact, today, after yet another person did this to me, I intentionally got the word wrong and then when it was my turn to give the clue, I got the word T-shirt. I drew a T-shirt with wording on it that said “This is a drawing game.” Then in the comments I wrote “Why bother playing if you’re gonna just give people the answer?” The girl responded “Neh, I can’t draw.” Go figure.

    Draw Something is also responsible for increasing my vocabulary. And boy, after viewing the diagram that led to this new word acquisition, I kind of wish I was still one word short in knowledge. The word was “shart.” Use your imagination.

    So thank you Mark for telling us about your new find. I’ll just add a new addiction to the list.


    1. All I can say is – you’re welcome! 🙂

      Actually, I agree with you about giving the word away. Fortunately the people I play against don’t do that, though they’ll write out clues sometimes (which I think is okay, as I’ve done that myself).

      I really don’t understand why a girl who can’t draw and doesn’t want to try is playing Draw Something, though!


  10. Draw Something is fun huh!? Love it too as you know. It’s fun playing with you. I even bought myself a stylus, because drawing with your finger isn’t easy.


  11. I’ve heard of Draw Something, but I don’t think I should start. I was already too addicted to social media and Words with Friends did me in. I will postpone this addiction but keep in on my to do list. LOL


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