Grin and Bear It

I had a dilemma this weekend. On the one hand, I have a well-documented fear of running into (okay, getting mauled by is closer to the truth) a bear someday when I’m out hiking. On the other hand, I have a deep respect and admiration for Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s probably my favorite actor. So, his new movie, The Revenant, about a guy who tangles with a bear and barely (bearly? ha!) lives to tell about it: to see or not to see, that was the question.

The answer was “to see.” And I’m glad we did; it was a really intense and emotionally compelling movie. Great story, amazing cinematography, and what I deem an(other) Oscar-worthy performance by Leo. Give him a damn statue already!

I’ll just be sure to include bear repellant in my backpack next time I hit the trail.

At least the bear is keeping him warm now.
At least the bear is keeping him warm now.

The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key. Saturday, we helped my parents move some furniture between the upstairs and downstairs, and then between their house and storage unit. Including a couch, recliner, and thousand-pound coffee table. Perils of owning a pickup truck! You become the de facto moving company for friends and family. Which is cool. We both woke up a little sore this morning, but are feeling fine now. We also binge watched Making a Murderer, at the urging of many a spirited Facebook post and workplace discussion. I’m thankful for the suggestions, because Tara and I got completely sucked into the real-life drama involving Steven Avery, his nephew Brandon, possibly (probably) corrupt law enforcement officers, inept defense lawyers, and a Wisconsin town that gets one hell of a lot of snow. If you haven’t yet watched this 10-part Netflix documentary, what are you waiting for?! Do it. Especially if you’re a fan of Serial. (Bonus: everybody who speaks sounds like they just walked off the set of Fargo.)

So not guilty. Maybe.
NOT guilty. Maybe.

I may write a separate post on the show, as I’m super curious for feedback from others.

When we were in Ely over New Year’s, I stocked up on Snap-E-Tom at the local grocery store. I fell in love with this tomato chile cocktail last summer in Park City, when I picked one up on a whim. It’s like a saltier, less sugary V8. With a kick. Naturally, none of the local stores around here sells it. Ridley’s only had thirteen cans left on their shelf, so I brought them all back, but they are not going to last long. Especially after we made Bloody Marys with ’em yesterday morning. I guess this means every time we visit Ely we’ll be coming back with a cooler full of both Basque chorizo and Snap-E-Tom.

snap-e-tomI’d better quit trying, and falling in love with, new things outside of a 50-mile radius from home.

Tara, of course, being the exception to that rule.


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9 thoughts on “Grin and Bear It

  1. My oldest daughter was telling me about Making A Murderer a few weeks back, and now it seems as though half of FB are posts about that show. It must really be good! Speaking of Fargo, have you watched the TV show? I’m not a fan of violent anything, but I admit to being hooked on it. Like you said, great accent!


  2. I’ve never viewed Leonardo DiCaprio as a sex symbol as the first movie I ever saw him in was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and there is just something lasting about the image of him with a snot bubble, but I agree he definitely can act. The Revenant does look like it has some stunning cinematography, glad to hear it has story-telling too.


  3. ” Give him a damn statue already!”

    THANK YOU…I totally agree, Mark! I can’t believe for all his outstanding movies (and performances) he’s not won a statue yet?!?! His one of my favorite actors!

    That movie sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing because I will have to watch for it when it comes out on DVD.

    And it’s ironic you mentioned, Making a Murder, because another blog I read shared a post on it last week, which expressed how much she loved the show.


    1. Ooh! Which blog, Ron? I need to find a round table discussion group or something.

      Glad we are on the same Leo page. I think it’s only a matter of time before he is recognized for his acting abilities, and if the Golden Globes are any indication, this could be his year!


  4. Have you seen many of the Oscar nominees yet? I really haven’t. Money and a busy schedule have kept me from the theaters like I use to go. While I am a fan of the nominated actors, I’m pretty disappointed in the Academy for its all white nominees for the second year in a row. I’d like to see more variety in who is getting nominated as there is plenty of good work being done. I thought for sure Will Smith was going to be nominated with all the buzz about Concussion. I have heard mixed reviews on The Revenant. Some people said the film was shown with beautiful cinematography, but that the plot was slow. I’ve heard great things about DiCaprio’s work in it though.


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