NNWM/3: Dick Move, Dodge.

I found out today my favorite thrift store, Value Village, is closing unexpectedly in just nine days. A Dodge dealership bought the building the thrift store had been leasing for the past 20 years in 2015, and has decided to expand into that space. That’s their right, I suppose, but they sprang this news on the nonprofit out of the blue, and even though their lease runs through the end of the year, the dealership is exercising an early termination option, which means that 40 Value Village employees will be losing their jobs with virtually no warning just in time for the holiday season.

That’s a shitty move. Way to live up to your name, Dick Hannah Dodge.

I’m not ashamed to admit it: I buy the majority of my clothes from Value Village. Why should I pay $20 for a shirt when I can find the same one, in excellent condition, for $3? I even recently started buying shoes there after finding a pair of gently-used Nikes for $13 – fifty bucks less than a new pair retailed for. Hey, I’m all about a bargain. Down with crass consumerism! And all the proceeds from Value Village go toward families in need. This just bites on so many levels.

There’s one other Value Village in the Portland area, but it’s out in Tigard, on the west side of town. Which is not at all convenient to where we live.

Sometimes capitalism sucks.

Here’s a lovely photo from Laurelhurst Park last Saturday. It’s a magical place all year long, but is especially stunning in the fall.


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10 thoughts on “NNWM/3: Dick Move, Dodge.

  1. That’s a bummer on the store. I’ve only ever bought furniture at thrift shops. Never had luck with clothes there, even as a college kid, hoping to find retro wear or cheap clothes to cut up and turn into new wave wear. My kids have had good luck turning thrift store finds into Halloween costumes, though!


    1. The best Halloween costume I ever wore I found at a Goodwill some 20 years ago. Thrift stores back then were a novelty to me; but now I’m serious about buying everyday clothes there!


  2. Mark, like you,, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on my clothes, I prefer shopping at inexpensive stores. I know this sounds odd coming from from someone who is in retail and has to dress up everyday for work, I’ve never put much emphasis on buying expensive (label or designer) brand clothing, because the way clothes are made today (whether expensive or labels), the quality just isn’t there.

    I felt the same way about a video store I used to buy and rent my videos from which suddenly closed several years ago. I was so bummed.


    1. The old Hollywood Video I used to frequent 20 years ago is now an auto parts store. I still drive by often, and always remember how much of a ritual it was to duck in there on a Friday night and pick out movies for the weekend. On VHS, of course. Which means only one thing, Ron: I’m pretty freakin’ old now.


  3. I am considered petite, although my height is in this weird neutral zone where department store petite tends to run a wee bit too short (unless I fancy fishing or other long walks along the beach), and yet the ‘regular’ size makes me look like a child playing dress-up with mommy’s things. So some of the best fitting pants I’ve ever bought came ‘pre-shrunk’ from a thrift shop. A good quality shop like that is a great find. So sorry to hear about yours.


    1. That it is. There are a few other thrift stores in town, but none of them have the selection (and dare I say, quality) as Value Village. I am planning on stopping in this weekend one last time. I figure I’d better stock up while I have the opportunity.


  4. What a bummer that the Value Village is closing! I’ve had some fave thrift spots get pushed out by other businesses before too. I hope all those folks can find another job close by. Maybe Dick can hook them up with a gig. Sounds like these people’s stories might make a good post or article.


    1. In the news article online, Dick Hannah says they hope to hire some of the Value Village staff. Which turns out to be pure PR according to one of the commenters, who is an employee of VV and says they have never followed through on that promise. Too bad, huh?

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