NNWM/16: Turkey Panic

I was shopping for groceries after work today, when it suddenly dawned on me that Thanksgiving is barely a week away. For a split second, I panicked. There was nothing Thanksgiving-related on my shopping list. No potatoes, no stuffing, no cranberries, no sexy Pilgrim babes. (What, there’s no such thing? Well, there should be). We don’t even have a turkey yet! Then I took a deep breath and relaxed. There’s still time. 1c9acde0c165597a232b9457439c53cf

But not much.

I feel like Thanksgiving has snuck up on me this year. Part of the problem is the weather: the first half of the month has been unusually warm. We were pushing 70 degrees just a few days ago. It finally cooled off to a more seasonal 50 or so yesterday, so now it’s beginning to feel like the holiday season. Also, we are not hosting a big dinner for the first time in…umm, ever…so there hasn’t been that usual sense of urgency. It’s hard to believe that in a little more than a week it’ll be time to start decking the halls already!


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8 thoughts on “NNWM/16: Turkey Panic

  1. For the love of pie, please not leaky brine fridge catastrophes or hospital incidents. Let’s shoot for a peaceful lovely Thanksgiving with zero drama because your country has been through enough this year.
    Happy Holidays


  2. Mark, I was thinking the SAME THING! Two days ago at work, I mentioned something to one of my coworkers that I couldn’t believe Thanksgiving was only a WEEK away?!

    Speaking of temps., it’s finally feels like Fall. It’s gotten very chilly here over the past week and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. It completely snuck up on me as well. One minute it was October and I was plotting my . . . I mean my kids’ candy route and now I am figuring how much wine I need to bring along with my luggage.


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