NNWM/24: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Pretty laid back day for us today. For the first time in years, we did not host. We did not go anywhere, either. It ended up just being me, Tara, and Audrey – but that was alright. I found a small turkey at Chuck’s Produce (9.something lbs.) and we just downscaled everything else. We brined it with a seasoning we found from New Seasons, and it turned out perfectly moist and delicious. For the sides, we made mashed potatoes, creamed corn, balsamic and bacon Brussels sprouts, and potato rolls. Oh, and deviled eggs. Currently I am turning the leftovers into soup – another longstanding tradition. I’m looking forward to digging into that around 8:00.

It was a great day to stay inside, as it rained nonstop all day long and never made it above 50 degrees. My kind of weather!


I didn’t get a lot of words written today, but I’m not beating myself up. It was a holiday, after all. And I’ve got tomorrow off, so I’m hoping to make up for that then.

Word Count Today: 794.
Total Word Count: 39,049.


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9 thoughts on “NNWM/24: Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Sounds great! We only had seven around the table this year and also had roasted Brussels sprouts! Never thought to put a bit of Balsamic on them! And I was sent home with at TON of leftovers, too. Hurray!


    1. I have only very recently gotten into Brussel’s sprouts, and this was the first time I made them for Thanksgiving. They are great topped with balsamic vinegar – and if you do that, you should definitely add crumbled bacon, too. Good stuff!

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  2. Balsamic is good on any vegetable! I tried a new green bean recipe involving bacon, soy sauce, brown sugar and garlic. I was pleased with the results. Have a great weekend, Mark!


    1. Wow – that sounds like a great recipe. I love green beans almost as much as Brussel’s sprouts. Or maybe that’s the other way around? In any case, I’m going to have to try something like that. Do you have a link to the recipe?


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