NNWM/25: Rabbit Hole

Originally we’d hoped to take advantage of the long holiday weekend and embark upon a mini getaway today, possibly to check out the Painted Hills of Oregon before holing up in Pendleton or The Dalles overnight, but poor weather and a lack of daylight made us reconsider those plans. The rain we could probably deal with, hardy Northwesterners that we are, but the sun sets early this time of year, and there aren’t very many hours of available light. So we decided to scrap the idea until sometime next Spring, when we won’t be in such a hurry to see all the sights before they disappear beneath a blanket of darkness. Tara actually ended up going to work, while I spent a relaxing day working on my novel. I was able to bang out 2,000 words, and would have done a lot more but I fell into a rabbit hole of research and ended up perusing online transcripts from a number of arraignment hearings in order to get a feel for how to write a convincing courtroom scene. I was able to locate a copy of the inmate handbook from the detention center in which the action in my book is currently taking place, which is proving extremely helpful. I actually reached out to an attorney friend of Tara’s in Nevada for help, but now I do not need it. Thanks, prisonhandbook.com! (For real. It was that easy.)

So instead of a big overnight trip, we are hanging out at home eating leftover turkey and watching movies. It’ll be a lot cheaper, at least, and we can sleep in our own bed tonight.


Word Count Today: 2,081.
Total Word Count: 41,130.


Published by Mark Petruska

I'm a professional writer and editor living my best life in south central Wisconsin.

8 thoughts on “NNWM/25: Rabbit Hole

      1. Have you ever read ‘The Interestings’ by Meg Wolitzer? It’s my fave book of the last few years. It’s long, but the characters are fabulous and so worth it. I think you would enjoy it.


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