Ask and Ye Shall Receive

This morning we called my dad, put him on speakerphone, and sang “Happy Birthday.” Which would have been great, had it actually been his birthday.


So we were a day off. In my defense, January 11 was my grandmother’s birthday (RIP), and my dad’s is the 12th. I could never quite get those two days straight. My apologies, dad. At least we were thinking of you on your (almost) special day!

The truth is, I was probably a bit distracted anyway. Remember how just a couple of days ago I complained that we were getting all kinds of cold weather but no snow to go along with it? Mother Nature was clearly paying attention to my ranting and raving, and more than made up for that. We woke up to 8-12″ of snow throughout Vancouver and Portland, our biggest storm in at least nine years!

It all started innocently enough. Yesterday was pretty calm – overcast but close to 40. The snow from our last little storm had turned to slush (and in fact, I slipped and fell not once, but twice when out walking at lunchtime; fortunately, the only thing I damaged was my pride). The forecast was calling for evening rain turning to snow after midnight. We might get 1-4″ if we were lucky, and that sounded like a stretch. So when Tara got home at 6:30, ninety minutes after me, and asked if I’d looked outside, I couldn’t imagine why I would be doing so.

“It’s snowing,” she said. “And already beginning to stick.”

I was in the midst of a game of Dr. Mario (love our NES Classic, by the way!) and enjoying a glass of wine and really didn’t think much of this. Until I looked out the window and saw it coming down nice and steady. Still, I figured it would let up momentarily. Instead, it started snowing LIKE HELL. Yes, I realize that if Hell were a real place, it would likely be too hot to snow. But that’s a figure of speech, and an appropriate one. Seriously, we were getting 1-2″ an hour all evening long. There was already half a foot on the ground when we went to bed, and no signs of a let-up.

So today was a work-from-home day. The office was closed, anyway (but the company wasn’t closed, an important distinction). Fine by me. I love working from home! Good thing, because this snow isn’t going anywhere until Sunday, when it’s finally supposed to warm up. I may be stuck here a while longer.

Tara is not nearly the snow fan that I am, but she’s happy we got what we did, because it means I will finally stop my bitching. Even if we don’t get another flake all winter, I am happy.

Enjoy some pics!

Rumor has it my car is buried under there somewhere.
The fitness center looking all festive.
Anybody feel like a dip?
Probably the best way to get around today.
Definitely not picnic season.
Snowy walk through the park on my lunch hour.
This is why I love snow so much. Look at it!
Very appropriate sign today.
Our back deck. That’s 8″ on the railing and closer to a foot on the table.

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I'm a professional writer and editor living my best life in south central Wisconsin.

10 thoughts on “Ask and Ye Shall Receive

  1. Snow is pretty, you have more than us but we have -40 windchills WOOOT!!!! And I still get to drive to work every day. Snow days are not fashionable here. So not only are you lucky being able to swim because the pool isn’t frozen, you have lovey virgin snow!!! So pretty! Enjoy!


    1. 5 days later the snow is less virginal but still beautiful! And the pool is slightly iced over. A friend offered me a dollar to jump in. I am seriously questioning our friendship now.


  2. That same system hit us over the weekend. Kids have been out of school all week. Stores ran out of bread, milk, and… lettuce of all things? But that was last weekend and I live in NC. It will be 70 on Friday.


    1. Sounds like your weather is every bit as bipolar as ours! Lettuce IS a weird thing to run out of. Usually here, the meat is the first to go. Ground beef specifically. I guess snowy weather makes Portlanders crave burgers…?

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  3. “We woke up to 8-12″ of snow throughout Vancouver and Portland, our biggest storm in at least nine years!”

    OMG!!!!!!! That’s faaaaaaaaaaabulous, Mark!!!!! You and I are probably the only two people on this planet that LOVE snow in the same degree and get SO excited when it does!

    I enjoyed each and every one of these photographs, they’re AWESOME! I especially love the ones you took inside the park. Don’t you love when the snow hangs heavy on the tree branches, making it look as though they’re coated in a thick vanilla icing?

    All our snow melted from last weekend, but I heard we’re getting more on Friday and possibly the weekend!

    Enjoy the snow, my snow-friend!


    1. I love the flocked look on the trees, Ron! Makes sense. People pay good money to flock their trees at Christmas.

      Also, it’s fun to say “flocked.”

      Five days later and the fir tree branches outside our apartment our still covered in snow. It hasn’t gotten above 32 since the storm rolled in, so there’s still plenty of snow everywhere. I’m loving it!


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