Ho to the Ho, Ho

It’s snowing!!

On my blog, anyway. In real life, not so much. We are actually headed into a “December drought,” as the media are calling it. This means no rain for the next 10-14 days, proving that the newspeople are a tad overdramatic. But that is pretty unusual for December around these parts. It’s going to be sunny, windy, and cold. In other words: boring. But, I figure next winter we are pretty much guaranteed snow where we’re headed, and possibly lots of it, so I’m not as disappointed as I might otherwise be.

Yesterday, we finally got the apartment decorated for Christmas. (Ha, I say “finally,” but we’re only a couple of days into the month. Some years, my dad didn’t put the tree up until just a few days before Christmas. That and the fact that I never had a Big Wheel proves I led a deprived childhood.)

Even though this is our 4th Christmas in the apartment, I feel like this is the first year we actually got it right. It’s a small space, as apartments tend to be, so we never really had a good spot for the tree. This time, with a little creative rearranging of the furniture, everything fits, and looks great. I even went a little more overboard with the decorations than usual (I know; shocking!). The tree is fake – we alternate between buying a real one and going artificial every year or so – and when Tara asked if we could do clear lights instead of the multicolored ones I prefer, I agreed without hesitation, which I think shocked her a little. I’m trying to be more of a yes man in my old age, I guess. And I have to admit, with red garland and a red tree topper pointy thingamajig (I have no idea what it is…clearly neither a star nor an angel, I’ll say that much), it looks pretty good. I did tell her I’ll probably be in a multicolored mood again next year, so not to get too used to this agreeableness.

I now feel like I can start listening to nonstop Christmas music and watching Elf and Rudolph and the Griswolds. I might even break out the Marty Moose Christmas Vacation glasses later. Ho to the ho, ho. 

Yesterday we met up with our friend Kara, and her friend, and approximately one million other people, at the Portland Night Market. This special event is held in a warehouse 3-4 times a year and offers a great opportunity to shop for local products while enjoying an alcoholic beverage and grabbing a bite to eat. As long as you aren’t claustrophobic – because you will be elbowing your way through a sea of strangers – it’s great! We went back in May and had a blast, so we added it to our Farewell Tour list and now have one more item crossed off. It was a lot of fun, and we ended up enjoying some really good food that included a Korean fried chicken bowl, street tacos, pelmini, and miniature donuts from Pip’s (Voodoo and Blue Star hype aside, these are probably the best in the city). I doubt we’ll go again, though. The idea of dealing with those crowds is exhausting, and I’m in full-on “been there/done that” mode now.

Today we have a lunch date at a new conveyor belt sushi place in Vancouver, then we’re going to walk around Lacamas Lake for a bit. Tonight’s the “super moon” and it rises at 5:06, so we might try to get some pics of that, provided the sky clears up by then.


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10 thoughts on “Ho to the Ho, Ho

  1. Mark, your Christmas tree looks BEYOND fabulous!! Love the whites lights and red garland! Truly, you and Tara did a wonderful job in decorating your tree, it’s so beautiful and cozy-looking. Oh, and I love your lava lamp collection next to the tree!!!

    I put up my Christmas tree last week. It’s very tiny, but so cute. It fits perfect in my studio apartment. I may share some pictures on my blog this week.

    And speaking of Christmas trees, I’m going into New York City tomorrow for a training pertaining to my job, so I booked my return trip for later in the day so that I can swing by Rockefeller Center and get some photographs of tree and all the decorations on 5th Avenue. To me, NYC is especially incredible during the holidays.

    Like you, I’ve been listening to Christmas music a lot, and started watching my DVD Christmas movies. OMG…I freaking love this time of the year! It’s been very cold here, so I’m hoping we get some snow soon!

    Btw, I really like your snowfall on your blog!


    1. Nothing says Christmas like Rockefeller Center, Ron. And I’ve never even been there, but that’s just a technicality! I hope you enjoyed your trip, and I look forward to seeing some great pics on your blog soon.

      Also, I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy cold weather. It’s turning cooler here too, but clear and windy, as well. I’d be a lot happier if some snow was accompanying those chilly temps!


  2. I’ve not actually heard of the Portland Night Market (guess I’d need to move to Vancouver to hear about that sort of thing 😉 ). I’ve also never had a Big Wheel, clearly I’ve been missing out.

    Have you built an Arrival Tour list yet?

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    1. I did just see a news article touting Vancouver, WA as the #1 spot for hipsters in the U.S. Portland was 9th. Not sure how I feel about that.

      I like your idea of an Arrival Tour! I guess we don’t actually have a formal one planned out, but we keep talking about things to do and places we’ll want to go. We just might have to start a new spreadsheet.

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