7 thoughts on “Fido Eats You

  1. I started listening to Sword and Scale after your recommendation and I am totally hooked.

    Supposedly though pets extend your life expectancy so I think I’ll still take the risk and hope that when I get to that point I will be missed and checked on prior to becoming dinner.


  2. “And yet…umm…is it just me, or does she look a bit hungry in this photo?”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG Mark, that is HILARIOUS! Btw, that’s a GREAT capture of Sidney! She’s adorable!

    I LOVE scary movies, books, etc., however I don’t like anything too graphic, so I don’t think I’d be a candidate for Sword and Scale. I prefer scary movies that are more psychological thrillers, no blood and guts.

    My idea of a really great scary movie is, Silence of the Lambs.

    BEAUTIFUL capture of that sunset! Bravo!

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  3. Sadly, we know someone whose adult son overdosed in his apartment and his pit bull, well, I guess you now know. I don’t listen to podcasts because I’m a visual person, but I get the interest in them.


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