About Me

This is where I’m supposed to tell you some fun facts about myself in as witty a manner as possible so you’ll see that I’m a human, just like you.

I don’t know…that feels pretty self-serving. I just love words and have a lifelong passion for writing. I’m thrilled that I get to do it for a living. I started writing short stories in middle school, graduated to novels in adulthood, and along the way managed to snag some pretty cool professional writing jobs. Freelance clients include Groupon, Kärcher North America, 3Point Brand Management, Fuel Medical, Special Olympics of South Dakota, and more. I’ve written for the publishing, sales, manufacturing, health care, and insurance industries, not to mention the federal government. I’m not sure how you’d characterize them (pro tip: don’t even bother trying).

Editing is pretty fun, too.

What People Say

When we were looking to revamp our website with new content, there was one person I knew who could deliver the goods. Mark’s creativity perfectly captured our brand voice.

Erik Whitcher
VP Sales & Marketing/Co-Founder
3Point Brand Management

Mark is one of the best writers I know. For some people, writing comes naturally, and Mark is one of those lucky (and talented) individuals. I recommend him highly.

Misty Byers
Innovation Development Leader

Mark Petruska’s debut novel is of a quality not usually seen in self-published books. The characters are complex and well-rounded; each individual chapter is a pleasure to read. Particularly admirable is his formidable use of descriptive language. Engaging and well-written; Petruska’s future as an author looks bright.

Sacramento Book Review

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