Sous Chefs (and Nerds) On The Prowl

There’s been a crime wave of epic proportions sweeping through the Rose City lately, and its got all of us on edge. This unprecedented streak of criminal activity began with a roving band of chefs swooping into residents’ yards at night and stealing herbs from their gardens. An apartment manager whose complex is located suspiciouslyContinue reading “Sous Chefs (and Nerds) On The Prowl”

Bacon: It Does a Body Good

Did you hear the wonderful news?! German researchers have found in a new study that eating bacon leads to a longer life! Seriously. I’m not making this up. Click on the link if you don’t believe me. Bacon, you see, is high in niacin. This study showed that roundworms who were fed niacin lived 10%Continue reading “Bacon: It Does a Body Good”

Would You Like a Coffin With That?

I came across a story the other day about a man who died in a Burger King restaurant in the U.K. Seems the gent had stopped in at lunchtime, and had a Whopper of a heart attack. He collapsed while standing in line, and staff tried to revive him but were unsuccessful. Fortunately, nobody askedContinue reading “Would You Like a Coffin With That?”

Popelessly Devoted To You

It’s weird, this being-without-a-Pope thing. I mean, it’s happened before, of course. Popes die while Pontiff-icating (or whatever else you call the act of being the Pope – “Poping,” maybe?) all the time. It’s (usually) the only way “the office” becomes vacant. Some people are claiming that Pope Benedict XVI is the Vatican’s version ofContinue reading “Popelessly Devoted To You”

On Guns and Lies

Sometimes it astonishes me how blindly people will accept something as the truth, no matter how ridiculous it appears on the surface. I don’t mean to single out any particular group, but conservatives seem especially guilty of doing this. They are letting pure emotion override rationality, and it’s awfully disturbing, especially when the truth isContinue reading “On Guns and Lies”

Greek Gods, Roman Emperors, and Snow

The Weather Channel, in their infinite wisdom – or is it a push to boost ratings? – has taken to naming winter storms this year. Apparently they decided if it’s good enough for hurricanes, then by golly, it’s good enough for snowstorms, too! I have ridiculed the names given to hurricanes in the past, arguingContinue reading “Greek Gods, Roman Emperors, and Snow”