Where’s That King Arthur Dude?

I think there’s something weird in the air up here. The past couple of days, the news has been full of some very bizarre goings-on that are a wee bit too close to home for comfort. It all started when some guy in Portland got into an argument with his stepson. The kid invited aContinue reading “Where’s That King Arthur Dude?”

4 Reasons Why William Blew It

Apparently there was some big wedding in the news a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t really following along, for the same reason I’ll never watch Steel Magnolias or gush over The Bachelor:┬ábecause I’ve got testosterone. It’s the very presence of this hormone that compels me to offer a few choice words to the futureContinue reading “4 Reasons Why William Blew It”

Gotham Would Burn To The Ground

You know what really impresses me? The guys in Japan who continue to work on stabilizing the nuclear reactors. They’re being labeled as “national heroes,” and rightly so. Think about it. These guys are knowingly exposing themselves to dangerous levels of radiation in order to make the repairs necessary to protect their nation’s citizens fromContinue reading “Gotham Would Burn To The Ground”

Why There’s a Bee in Egypt’s Bonnet

I try to keep on top of current events. I’m one of the few people I know who still subscribes to a daily newspaper. I don’t read it every day – sometimes I’m too busy with other things – and I often skim the stories. As a result, I am sometimes clueless about what isContinue reading “Why There’s a Bee in Egypt’s Bonnet”

Have Yourself A Merry Little Car Bomb

I didn’t realize when I decided, on a whim, to take the kids to Portland’s 26th annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony, I’d nearly end up the victim of a terrorist attack. That would have been a real bummer; imagine if I’d been blown to bits during my first-ever tree-lighting experience. Talk about putting a damperContinue reading “Have Yourself A Merry Little Car Bomb”