United in Orange

I find the cult of sports fandom fascinating. All day long, I had coworkers coming up to me and offering their congratulations after the Denver Broncos beat Carolina to win Super Bowl 50. I received heaps of praise and so many fist bumps, high fives, and pats on the back, you’d think I played a crucial roleContinue reading “United in Orange”

No Bright Colors in the Zombie Apocalypse

I was watching The Walking Dead last night and made an interesting observation. Not sure if I ever noticed it before, but for some reason there are no bright colors in the zombie apocalypse. Everybody is cloaked in gray. This lends an eerie ambiance to the show, but a one-dimensional wardrobe is not very realistic. IContinue reading “No Bright Colors in the Zombie Apocalypse”

Didn’t See That Curveball Coming

I like to shop at thrift stores. Not because I’m cheap, but… OK, fine. It’s because I’m cheap. Though I prefer to call it “fiscally responsible.” Why should I go to Kohl’s and pay twenty bucks for a shirt when I can go to Value Village and pay $2.00 for that same shirt? I’d ratherContinue reading “Didn’t See That Curveball Coming”

Carnival and Kangaroos

Oops, I did it again. Subconsciously, I’ve been on a quest to simplify my life. I feel there are too many distractions in the modern world, and they’re getting in the way of the truly important things. Excellent case in point: I love reading, but usually only have time for that before bed. Up untilContinue reading “Carnival and Kangaroos”

What’s to Love About Zero?

The other day, I came to a realization that completely changed the way I think about footwear. It caught me off guard, but there is no denying the truth any longer. Loafers are my new best friends. Once upon a time I was a tennis shoe guy, and my allegiance belonged to Nike. I woreContinue reading “What’s to Love About Zero?”

Anybody Seen Alex Deibold?

The Winter Olympics have been on for a while now, and I’ve been kinda into them. I marveled over the dirty water and deplorable housing conditions in Sochi, admired Shaun White’s new haircut, cheered the American bobsled team on to Gold while wondering exactly how much skill “driving” a bobsled really involves (doesn’t it prettyContinue reading “Anybody Seen Alex Deibold?”