Peaches for Tebow. Let’s Get This Done.

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks if you’re an NFL fan.¬†Especially¬†if you’re a Denver Broncos fan. And this is only the offseason. First came Manningwatch 2012. I haven’t seen the media this obsessed with somebody’s every move since a certain white Ford Bronco sped down a certain Los Angeles freeway lo these many yearsContinue reading “Peaches for Tebow. Let’s Get This Done.”

Hasta La Vista, January

I think I hit upon the perfect money-saving scheme, without even intentionally trying. During the final waning days of December, I was in Nevada, so I didn’t have time to look for a 2012 calendar as I ordinarily would have. By the time I’d returned home and gotten around to the chore, the shelves wereContinue reading “Hasta La Vista, January”

II Many Roman Numerals IV Me

Green and yellow, baby! Green and yellow. I feel weird typing those words. I am – and always have been – a Denver Broncos fan. They are my team, first and foremost, no matter how sorry their record has been lately. Isn’t that the mark of a true fan, though? Sticking by your team throughContinue reading “II Many Roman Numerals IV Me”