It’s Miller Time

Friday at the office, I was midway through a scintillating article on endoscopic sinus surgery¬†when one of my content writers said, “We have to start working Saturdays now?!”I had no idea what she was talking about until I opened my email and saw the following gem from upper management. With the start of the 2ndContinue reading “It’s Miller Time”

Zoom Zoom

I’m happy to report I survived another April Fool’s Day without getting badly tricked. Is it just me, or has April 1st turned into a really big deal these past few years? It kinda feels like the new Halloween. Everybody is suddenly trying to outdo everybody else with increasingly elaborate pranks or really cool hacks.Continue reading “Zoom Zoom”

Vince Vaughn’s A Dork & I’m Impatient

Ever since I wrote that writers write and starting writing again, everything has been going write! Err…right. (Even I’m confused by that sentence). But it’s true! My luck definitely seems to be changing. About a month ago, I got an e-mail from my former employer. It was simple and intriguing. Hey, Mark – we haveContinue reading “Vince Vaughn’s A Dork & I’m Impatient”