Tuesday Night Fever

My wife had never seen the movie Saturday Night Fever, so a couple of weekends ago, I made the mistake of playing the DVD for her. It wasn’t a mistake because of the quality of the movie; on the contrary, this story of a working-class Italian youth in Brooklyn trying to break free of a dead-endContinue reading “Tuesday Night Fever”

Celebrities & Serial Killers

Saturday evening, after a busy day running errands, we stopped at Papa Murphy’s to pick up pizza. I ordered, and the cashier asked for a name. Without missing a beat, I gave him a name. Rico. First off, he didn’t ask for my name. Second, I love to mess around with people in the dining industry. InContinue reading “Celebrities & Serial Killers”

I’m Bleeding to Death, Pineapple Jones!

This morning we had a benefits enrollment meeting at work to discuss health insurance coverage. As the meeting was winding down, our HR lady asked if there were any questions. I had an overwhelming urge to respond, What if you have a preexisting condition that is highly contagious in enclosed quarters? Can you still getContinue reading “I’m Bleeding to Death, Pineapple Jones!”

It Doesn’t Get Any Groovier Than This

It’s a well-documented fact that I like items of a retro nature. Lava lamps. Dogs-playing-poker tapestries. Avocado green appliances. The Bee Gees. So, when my birthday rolled around on Friday and Tara presented me with this, I was absolutely thrilled. She had been teasing me with hints all week. “It’s something you’ve always wanted,” she said. SheContinue reading “It Doesn’t Get Any Groovier Than This”