Wanna Ride in my ‘Vette, Baby?

I’ve gotta hand it to my parents. If nothing else, they’ve got a great sense of humor over things. When I complained so publicly last week about never owning a Big Wheel, they searched long and hard for the reason behind their funsuckery. (Yeah, I just invented a new word. Go, me). They were visitingContinue reading “Wanna Ride in my ‘Vette, Baby?”

I Never Owned a Big Wheel

I was walking across the office this morning with a banana peel in my hand and I suddenly wondered if people actually slip and fall comically when they step on one, as depicted in slapstick comedies and cartoons. Seriously, has anyone in history ever really stepped on a banana peel, slipped, waved their arms aroundContinue reading “I Never Owned a Big Wheel”