Hospital Food (Term Used Loosely)

One of the side effects of this hospital stay is, I have become a proper Englishman. I say this because every single meal has come with a cup of tea. And to make matters worse, it’s been decaf. I haven’t had coffee in three days, and my pounding head is reminding me of this fact.Continue reading “Hospital Food (Term Used Loosely)”

Nevada Adventures Part 2: Ely-Elko

After spending approximately 26 hours in the car from Saturday – Tuesday, we were relieved to pull into Ely mid-afternoon on New Year’s Eve and not have to worry about driving anywhere far for a few days. Everybody gathered at Tara’s dad’s house, as I mentioned previously, and we had a great time eating pizza,Continue reading “Nevada Adventures Part 2: Ely-Elko”

Magic Beans Part Deux

Last year, I learned that eating a bowl of black eyed peas on New Year’s Day is supposed to bring good luck. I was dubious over this claim, but within days had a $47,000 hospital bill wiped out. My balance due? Zero. That was the start of a good luck train that chugged along theContinue reading “Magic Beans Part Deux”

The $47,283.77 Bowl of Beans

There is a belief that eating beans – specifically black eyed peas – on New Year’s Day will bring prosperity. I’d never paid much attention to this superstition, as it’s mainly a belief in the South. Besides, the closest I’d ever gotten to a black eyed pea was downloading “I Gotta Feeling” from iTunes. EvenContinue reading “The $47,283.77 Bowl of Beans”