You Auto Know

Lost in all the moving hubbub was the fact that Audrey bought her first car a few weekends ago. Let’s just pretend I’m not old enough to have two kids with driver’s licenses and cars, okay? When I first started blogging, lo these many years ago, Audrey was still crawling around on all fours, aContinue reading “You Auto Know”

Have Yourself a Mini Little Christmas

I had my annual review at work a few days ago. Things went well. My boss told me how much he appreciated my hard work and effort, gave me a new title (Senior Content Specialist…has a nice ring to it, huh?), more money, and  a person to supervise. This is all very exciting. Career-wise, I haven’tContinue reading “Have Yourself a Mini Little Christmas”

Put the Pedal to the Metal

You know how old people sometimes confuse the gas and brake pedals? That was me, Friday night. Only I don’t think I confused the pedals so much as underestimated their function. I’m still not sure what happened. All I know is, I was backing into the garage, as is customary. There’s a little concrete “lip”Continue reading “Put the Pedal to the Metal”