If It Slices or Dices, It Entices

Last week, I bought a mandoline. And by mandoline, I mean this: NOT this: Captain Corelli I am not. I do, however, have a fondness for kitchen gadgets. Let’s just say if it slices or it dices, it entices. This is why I think Tara’s mom is so cool. She has both a miniature blowtorchContinue reading “If It Slices or Dices, It Entices”

You Want Me To Put That Arugula WHERE?!

Shut Up And Let Her Cook I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows lately. I mean, I’ve always been into themĀ – but now, even more so. I go through phases with what I watch; for a while it was nothing but true crime shows. Then old sitcoms. Now, if a show’s got the wordContinue reading “You Want Me To Put That Arugula WHERE?!”