Cooking as Poetry

Cooking is like a poem. There’s a certain rhythm and grace to the prep work. Chopping, slicing, and dicing; the alternating short and long cuts a sort of iambic pentameter in the kitchen. Baking is precision and rhyme, but all else – that which does not demand perfection – is loose, free-form. These ideas cameContinue reading “Cooking as Poetry”


Honest, Abe is Still Alive

Growing up, I never much cared for fish. Unless it came out of a box with a picture of a fisherman in a yellow raincoat and was smothered in tartar sauce. Fish sticks may be the chicken nuggets of the sea, but when you’re a kid there’s nothing better. Fortunately, I grew up and myContinue reading “Honest, Abe is Still Alive”

The Velveeta Verdict

There are several things in life I swore I’d never do. Shop at Walmart. Listen to country music. Go bungee jumping. Read a single page of any of the Twilight books. Buy Velveeta. So it is with great consternation that I must confess to committing a cardinal sin this weekend, and breaking one of my own hard-and-fastContinue reading “The Velveeta Verdict”

The Great Grilled Cheese Experiment of 2012

A few weeks ago, I wrote about grilled cheese sandwiches. The feedback was impressive; I received more comments on that post than any other. Go figure! And I have to say, you guys inspired me. There were so many creative suggestions for different types of grilled cheese I decided I’d have to give some ofContinue reading “The Great Grilled Cheese Experiment of 2012”

If It Slices or Dices, It Entices

Last week, I bought a mandoline. And by mandoline, I mean this: NOT this: Captain Corelli I am not. I do, however, have a fondness for kitchen gadgets. Let’s just say if it slices or it dices, it entices. This is why I think Tara’s mom is so cool. She has both a miniature blowtorchContinue reading “If It Slices or Dices, It Entices”

(Don’t Fear) The Pepper…or Salt

I hate when you order something that looks delicious, only to take a bite and find that the chef under seasoned it. Case in point: I went to the farmer’s market earlier today. Part of the fun is in stocking up on fresh produce, and I definitely came away with my share. Apples, cherry tomatoes,Continue reading “(Don’t Fear) The Pepper…or Salt”