United in Orange

I find the cult of sports fandom fascinating. All day long, I had coworkers coming up to me and offering their congratulations after the Denver Broncos beat Carolina to win Super Bowl 50. I received heaps of praise and so many fist bumps, high fives, and pats on the back, you’d think I played a crucial roleContinue reading “United in Orange”

Moscow Mules, Molly’s House, & More Mile High Memories

Today bites. But that’s always the case after a long weekend. Especially one so chock full of good times and amazing memories. Our adventure began Friday afternoon. After a morning that dragged so s l o w l y it felt like the minute hand on the clock was moving backwards, my dad showed upContinue reading “Moscow Mules, Molly’s House, & More Mile High Memories”

Peyton, Here We Come!

As you probably know, I’m a big Denver Broncos fan. Have been all my life. Or at least, all of the part of my life that matters (14 and up). We moved to Rapid City, South Dakota in 1983, just before my freshman year in high school. Rapid (as the locals call it) is sortContinue reading “Peyton, Here We Come!”

Denial is the Best Medicine

When we went grocery shopping last week, we spent $12 on mushrooms. These weren’t even the fancy enoki or morel mushrooms. There were a handful of shiitakes, but other than that, they were plain, white button mushrooms. Do you have any idea how many mushrooms it takes to add up to $12? A lot. 3.5Continue reading “Denial is the Best Medicine”

No Punt Intended

I joined my first-ever Fantasy Football league this week. I love football, and am eager for the NFL season to start next Thursday. Tara and I saved up money for a trip to Denver the end of October to catch our Broncos in a home game against the Redskins. The next four months will beContinue reading “No Punt Intended”

Might As Well Call It McVoodoo

Speaking of local eateries… I read yesterday that Voodoo Doughnut is expanding outside of Oregon. Sorry, Jess – they’re not coming to Wisconsin. But they are opening a location in Denver this fall. And I’ve gotta say, the news does not thrill me. I have nothing against the Mile High City. I’m quite fond ofContinue reading “Might As Well Call It McVoodoo”