Gathering, Remembering

Saturday felt like a day straight out of a Hollywood film. The plot: a cantankerous but big-hearted character beloved by many passes away unexpectedly, and friends and family from near and far gather in the front yard of his small-town home to honor his memory and swap stories over beers and a barbecue. They laugh,Continue reading “Gathering, Remembering”

Tag Teaming, Ely Style

Dear Readers, You’ve chuckled over her comments. You were dazzled by┬áher guest post when I was in the hospital. So, as a special treat, I thought I would team up with the girl who stole my heart for a post while we are together this weekend. That’s right: it’s the one…the only…TARA!! Or maybe I’mContinue reading “Tag Teaming, Ely Style”

May This Passion Never Fade

So, I’m in Ely again. Surprised? I blame it all on my girlfriend. She’s too damn irresistible. When we parted ways after her last visit, we weren’t sure when we’d see each other again. For once, we didn’t have any future visits planned – only because Tara is focused on moving out here there ASAP.Continue reading “May This Passion Never Fade”

Out Of This World

My coffee tastes weird this morning. Not because there’s anything wrong with the brew or the filter or the water. It’s just that, it didn’t come from Tara’s coffeemaker. Little things like that are hard to get used to when you’ve just returned from an amazing trip with the person you love. Don’t even getContinue reading “Out Of This World”

Airports, Christmas and Breakfast in Bed

Today’s thankfuls: smart phones and WordPress 2.0 for the Android. It may take forever to write a post from my phone, but I’m a man on a mission today! Sunday afternoon I arrived at PDX a little bit after 1:00. Going through security felt surreal; actually boarding the airplane was even stranger. I’m used toContinue reading “Airports, Christmas and Breakfast in Bed”

An Ely Good Time

Earlier this summer, I embarked upon a road trip across the country. It was a fantastic journey, filled with sights and sounds and new experiences, and it changed my life. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to top it, let alone a mere two months later. But I did. My trip to Ely wasContinue reading “An Ely Good Time”