Safe Travels and Muzzles

I have never been so relieved for the start of a new week. I barely survived last week, you see, and I am being quite literal. Tuesday morning I came inches away from being hit by a car. Friday, I was bit by a dog. It was that kind of week. First off, the car:Continue reading “Safe Travels and Muzzles”

All Because a River Flooded…

I was listening to NPR the other day, and they mentioned it was the third anniversary of the disastrous Missouri River flood of 2011. I remember that event well, because not only was I there…but it changed my life. I was tooling along Interstate 29 on a sunny and hot morning in July, en route from Cameron, Missouri toContinue reading “All Because a River Flooded…”

How The Number 14 Changed My Life

Do you believe in numerology? Up until recently I’d dismissed it as nothing more than grasping at straws, a desperate attempt at assigning order and meaning to what is nothing more than random chaos. Humans, by nature, look for patterns where there are none. This is how optical illusions work. The idea that there mightContinue reading “How The Number 14 Changed My Life”

Fate Had a Backup Plan

Tomorrow, my life changes forever. It’s not every day you can say that. Sometime after 7:00 PM Saturday evening, Tara will be pulling up to my townhouse. Not for a visit this time, but to stay. This is the culmination of a long friendship that led to a wonderful, perfect relationship. The fact that weContinue reading “Fate Had a Backup Plan”

Do You Believe in Fate?

Do you believe in Fate? Many people scoff at the idea of a predetermined course of events setting the stage for their lives. They prefer to believe in the concept of free will (which, admittedly, is easier to stomach – who wouldn’t rather maintain control of their own destiny? The idea of “The Universe” (orContinue reading “Do You Believe in Fate?”