The building’s on fire! Hurry, update your FB status!

Last night was unforgettable. Tara and I were relaxing on the couch when we were interrupted by an urgent pounding on the door. I opened it to find my neighbor in a bit of a panic. “The building’s on fire!” she said. Oh, shit. You always wonder how you’re going to react in times ofContinue reading “The building’s on fire! Hurry, update your FB status!”

Burning Down The House, Part 3

It’s pushing 11:30, and I’ve had a busy and productive day. I should be curled up in bed – it’s right there, after all, soft and cozy and less than two feet away – but instead I’m writing in the ol’ blog. There is a reason for this, though. I’m practically choking to death onContinue reading “Burning Down The House, Part 3”