The Secret Ham

I’ve come to realize that I have an odd knack for embarrassing myself. Last year, there was the infamous “snow bunny” incident in which a waitress thought I was flirting with her when really, I was trying to get a free ice cream sundae. Briefly, a 50s-themed hamburger joint down the street was advertising aContinue reading “The Secret Ham”

Keep Your Pennies, Canada

I’m so excited!! Not because I’m going to Boise tomorrow to meet up with my girlfriend. Well, that too. But also…look what I found! I’m unable to embed the video, but if you click on the link you can listen/watch on YouTube. A British pop group called Frazier Chorus had a hit song back inContinue reading “Keep Your Pennies, Canada”

Impatience Isn’t A Virtue

Patience may be a virtue, but it has never been one of my strong suits. Given the fact that my girlfriend is coming up for a visit in just five more days, you’d think I’d be able to deal with that. After all, when we parted ways in Ely on September 11th, we had 38Continue reading “Impatience Isn’t A Virtue”

Paper or Spastic?

Ever have one of those days when you feel you should have just stayed in bed? I did today, thanks to an Epic Grocery Fail this morning. Normally, I shop at Fred Meyer. Love the place – it’s local (or was, until Kroger bought them out a few years ago), and is the ultimate one-stopContinue reading “Paper or Spastic?”