Hospital Food (Term Used Loosely)

One of the side effects of this hospital stay is, I have become a proper Englishman. I say this because every single meal has come with a cup of tea. And to make matters worse, it’s been decaf. I haven’t had coffee in three days, and my pounding head is reminding me of this fact.Continue reading “Hospital Food (Term Used Loosely)”

Unleashed But Still Caged Up

At 10 AM, my nurse unleashed me. Rawr? (Actually, the “rawr” was reserved for last night when Tara came over and “snuggled up” with me in the hospital bed. Shh…). But this morning they removed the last pesky IV from my arm. At one point I had four lines going into two arms. If you’veContinue reading “Unleashed But Still Caged Up”

What is it With Me, Holidays, and Hospitals?!

My friends and long-time readers probably recall how I ended up in the hospital the day after Thanksgiving, 2011. Tara was visiting from Nevada, so it put a damper on her trip…but also brought us closer together. The gall bladder surgery and six-night stay were hell, but our relationship blossomed. Guess where I’m writing from,Continue reading “What is it With Me, Holidays, and Hospitals?!”

Stepping Through a Time Portal

Seven days after leaving my house unexpectedly, I return home. It’s like stepping through a time portal, one in which Thanksgiving was yesterday. There is still pumpkin pie in the refrigerator, and gravy. Cranberry sauce. A roasting pan atop the stove, serving platter in the dishwasher. The turkey is gone – no endless leftovers thisContinue reading “Stepping Through a Time Portal”

And To Think I Was Worried About a Stubbed Toe

I never used to believe in jinxes. I mean, I wrote this nice, long post on Fate, a concept I wholeheartedly endorse. And so I figured, if Fate is in control and destiny is already lined up, then you can’t jinx what was meant to be the final outcome all along. Right? It sounds greatContinue reading “And To Think I Was Worried About a Stubbed Toe”

Sicky McSickerson

Hi, Folks.  Tara here.  Yes…that Tara. There can only be one reason why I would be posting on Mark’s blog, and given the title of this post, you can probably guess what that reason is.  Those of you that follow him on Facebook are already in the know, and those of you that don’t…why theContinue reading “Sicky McSickerson”