Chain Reactions: The Best in the Northwest

One of my friends “checked in” to In-N-Out Burger on Facebook the other day, and I commented that I was jealous. Because I love In-N-Out Burger, but there are no In-N-Out Burgers even remotely close to where I live. The nearest is two states and about seven hours south of here, which explains why it’sContinue reading “Chain Reactions: The Best in the Northwest”

Alex v. Spuds, and a Cheesy Confession

I broke my own self-imposed rule and let five days elapse without updating my blog. Oh, the shame. The truth is, my spinoff blog – Eat My Words – is taking up a lot of time. It’s an ambitious project to begin with, and requires daily posts and Facebook updates. I’ll admit, a few timesContinue reading “Alex v. Spuds, and a Cheesy Confession”