If At First You Don’t Succeed Pop, Pop Again

I had such an outpouring of comments in favor of stovetop popcorn after I wrote about how difficult it was to make that I couldn’t help but come to a rather unpleasant conclusion afterwards. It must have been “operator error.” Case in point: You are CRAP at stovetop popcorn, wrote¬†PlaneJaner, whose blog is one ofContinue reading “If At First You Don’t Succeed Pop, Pop Again”


I Could Be Plucking Chickens

I’m midway through my 3rd week of unemployment and the reality is beginning to set in. Meaning I’m starting to actually feel jobless, as opposed to being on vacation or having a (really) long weekend. For one thing, the State of Washington keeps reminding me of this fact. Every time I check the mailbox there’sContinue reading “I Could Be Plucking Chickens”