Damn Kids

You know you’re getting older when you wonder whose kid that is wandering around the office, and it turns out to be your company’s newest employee. I was on a phone call and when I saw one of my coworkers escort a young man who appeared to be no older than 15 to a desk, IContinue reading “Damn Kids”


Where Do I Park My Flying Car?

Twenty-six years to the day I graduated from high school, I found myself seated on aluminum bleachers in a covered stadium, drenching rain giving way to scattered clouds and a gorgeous sunset poking through stands of Douglas fir trees. And then “Pomp & Circumstance” began playing, and history repeated itself.  Last night, Rusty graduated fromContinue reading “Where Do I Park My Flying Car?”

“We’re Running Errands”

When you have kids, sometimes you just don’t want them tagging along with you. After I was divorced, I learned very quickly that grocery shopping with a couple of young charges required more patience than I possessed. They viewed the grocery store as one giant playground, and thought nothing of playing a spirited game ofContinue reading ““We’re Running Errands””

Kids Are Like Pets

I was watching something on TV last night, and there was a segment in which the host had his really smart dog fetch him a drink. “Get me a beer,” he said while lounging on the couch, immersed in a football game. His faithful companion immediately jumped down from the sofa and trotted into theContinue reading “Kids Are Like Pets”