Rubber On Wood

The low growl of a diesel engine rumbles to life and then idles, the steady deep-throated purr of a cat. Footsteps echo across a dock, rubber on wood, followed by the metallic clang of cargo being loaded. The plaintive cry of a gull fills the air. Astoria is waking up. We pull back the blindsContinue reading “Rubber On Wood”

Propane is For Yuppies

Camping is a whole lot of hard work and expense followed by a day so relaxing you feel like you could melt into your camp chair. And then a whole lot of hard work again. But man, I love it. It all started Thursday after work, when we made a run to a sporting goodsContinue reading “Propane is For Yuppies”

Drunk Raccoons Make Great Coonskin Caps

When I was a kid, I wanted a pet raccoon. I was enamored with the creatures. I thought they lookedcool, with their ringed tails and masked faces. We did a lot of camping while growing up, and I would always see them strolling through the campground after dark, their eyes glowing when you shined aContinue reading “Drunk Raccoons Make Great Coonskin Caps”

Love Is In The Air. And Chowder, too.

A few days ago I got a hankering for a really good cup of clam chowder, so I did what anybody would do to satisfy that craving: made a 240-mile round trip to go get me some. What? You wouldn’t?! One of the things that attracted me to Tara was the fact that she onceContinue reading “Love Is In The Air. And Chowder, too.”