Goodness Gracious

It is March, 2011. I am driving down Highway 99 in Oregon, on my way to meet a girl. Somebody I’ve known for a long time, but have never met in person. She’s pretty cool – has a great sense of humor, likes the same music as I do, and never met a cocktail sheContinue reading “Goodness Gracious”


Idaho Meat and Greet

Friday morning, I foolishly set my alarm for 5:30 AM. Did I really think I wouldn’t be up before then, ready and raring to go?! Ha. Silly Mark. When I woke up automatically and checked the clock, it was 4:30. I closed my eyes again in a half-hearted attempt to fall back asleep, but gaveContinue reading “Idaho Meat and Greet”

Real Apples Have Bruises

I love farmer’s markets. Can’t get enough of them.  Seriously.  There’s something about seeing all that fresh produce out on display that gets my heart pumping.  I’m not even sure why.  It’s all organic (naturally), which means, the apples have bruises, the pears are splotchy, and the carrots sometimes resemble the gnarled, warty fingers ofContinue reading “Real Apples Have Bruises”