A Whole Bunch of Gottas

Every year, around May or June, I begin to yearn for Christmas. The holidays always feel magical to me, and doubly so when they are so far away and the summer doldrums are about to kick in. There’s a certain anticipation that just builds and builds as the year wears on. I long for theContinue reading “A Whole Bunch of Gottas”

Needless Worrying? That’s My Specialty.

Today has been luxuriously lazy. I’ve done nothing but lounge around, drinking coffee, eating a breakfast of Spam and eggs, and watching mind-numbing ¬†sitcoms on television. I think there may have been a brief, unplanned nap thrown in for good measure, as well. Exactly what I needed after a hectic three-day work symposium that hadContinue reading “Needless Worrying? That’s My Specialty.”

It’s Hard Not To Feel Lucky

You are so lucky.¬† This thought crossed my mind yesterday morning. Ironically, it was six years to the day that my divorce became final. It’s been a long time since I felt truly lucky. I’ve been happy for a while now. Ever since Tara came into my life. But lucky? Not so much. It’s hardContinue reading “It’s Hard Not To Feel Lucky”