Rice Rice Baby

We were recently browsing through an Asian market, looking for ingredients for spring rolls, and happened upon a section where there were 50-lb. bags of rice stacked up. “Holy shit,” Tara remarked. “Can you believe people actually buy that much rice?” Actually, yes. I do believe it, because I used to be one of thoseContinue reading “Rice Rice Baby”

Go-Go-Go? No. Slow.

This past weekend, Tara and I did something very unusual. Nothing. This wasn’t our initial plan. We had lofty ideas that included pumpkin patches and corn mazes, but a sudden bout of illness (her), a pair of lackadaisical attitudes (Audrey and Rusty), and an abrupt shift in the weather (Mother Nature) all conspired to giveContinue reading “Go-Go-Go? No. Slow.”

I Won’t Cop an Attitude Over Your Magnitude

Surviving Natural Disasters 101 I’m feeling sorry for East Coast people this week. First an earthquake, and now a hurricane. What’s next – a plague of locusts? Fire and brimstone? Sandwiches smeared with Miracle Whip instead of mayonnaise? HAVEN’T THEY SUFFERED ENOUGH?? And I know a lot of people from the West Coast are smirkingContinue reading “I Won’t Cop an Attitude Over Your Magnitude”

Thank You, Mother Nature

Thank you, Mother Nature. I gave you a hard time back in December. Called you a tease. But the slight was well-deserved, because time and again you tantalized we snow-lovers with promises of frosty, white beauty – only to snatch it all away. You rained on our parade, and I mean that literally (well, exceptContinue reading “Thank You, Mother Nature”

Mother Nature Is One Big Tease!

I love snow. Always have, always will. I figure this is because I spent so many years living in Hawaii, where a “cold snap” is defined as a temperature in the lower 70s. Snow still feels like a novelty to me – a magical gift from the heavens, one that buries the world in aContinue reading “Mother Nature Is One Big Tease!”