Undercover Genius Here

I took an online IQ test a few days ago. It was a link I stumbled across on Facebook so, you know, totally legit. I ended up scoring in the Genius category, so I naturally assumed the whole thing was rigged. Mama didn’t raise no dummies, but she also didn’t raise no Einsteins, know whatContinue reading “Undercover Genius Here”


X Marks The Spot

When I got to work this morning, I reached into my bag to grab something and emerged with a plastic sandwich bag full of brown, liquefied used-to-be-celery sticks. I was so repulsed I actually dropped it on the floor while trying not to gag, resulting in a spirited game of “hey, what’s that brown, mushyContinue reading “X Marks The Spot”

Beans Don’t Burn on the Grill

Whew! Glad the move is over. Though “over” is a relative term, since there are still plenty of boxes to be unpacked, pictures to be hung, and stuff to be put away. And we’re not done with the townhouse yet, either: there are a lot of stragglers we need to bring over and cleaning toContinue reading “Beans Don’t Burn on the Grill”

Boxes And Boxes (And More Boxes)

Saturday evening, I watched my countdown clock tick down to the final seconds of Tara’s arrival. Sure enough, just a few minutes later she showed up outside, thirteen hours after setting out from Ely. Our estimate proved to be pretty spot on, as she got here at 7:15 PM. Her dad was right behind, pullingContinue reading “Boxes And Boxes (And More Boxes)”