Honest, Abe is Still Alive

Growing up, I never much cared for fish. Unless it came out of a box with a picture of a fisherman in a yellow raincoat and was smothered in tartar sauce. Fish sticks may be the chicken nuggets of the sea, but when you’re a kid there’s nothing better. Fortunately, I grew up and myContinue reading “Honest, Abe is Still Alive”


Nipsey Has Left The Building

A couple of weeks ago, I learned that Nipsey Russell died. This tragic bit of news hit me hard. I loved Nipsey Russell! He was humorous and clever and self-deprecating, a mainstay on the game show circuit in the 1970s with his funny little (and often risqué) poems. Plus, he was a great comedian andContinue reading “Nipsey Has Left The Building”