Three Seconds Away from Nuclear Oblivion

I was browsing my local thrift store last weekend and came across a Betamax player. I don’t think I’d ever actually seen one before. I picked it up, marveling over its simplicity. Not to mention its weight – I was surprised by how heavy it was! I remember the whole Beta vs. VHS war in the late 70s/early 80s. It’sContinue reading “Three Seconds Away from Nuclear Oblivion”

Ready, Cassette, Go

A few days ago, my dad told me he had a boxful of cassette tapes he wanted to get rid of, and asked me if I was interested before he tossed them. “Thanks, but no thanks,” I replied. And then I saw this article and was like, wait a second. Maybe I was a bitContinue reading “Ready, Cassette, Go”

34 Miles to Nostalgia

Saturday, we helped Audrey cross an item off her bucket list by taking her to see a movie at the drive-in. First off, I’m surprised that any of these places still exist. I had not been to a drive-in movie since the early 90s. Sadly, they’re a disappearing relic from a bygone era, much like rotaryContinue reading “34 Miles to Nostalgia”

Dig The Pop-Up Camper!

If you’re a fan of Instagram or have a Facebook account, you’re probably familiar with Throwback Thursday. Or “Hashtag TBT” as the social media savvy like to refer to it. #TBT is a fun little activity in which you share a photo from your past. There are no strict guidelines or rules to what youContinue reading “Dig The Pop-Up Camper!”

Old Time Rock and Roll

Pardon me if you’ve heard this story before… It was a warm summer night in 1980. My brother and I were sleeping over our friend Jimmy’s house. His parents had put up a tent for us in the backyard, so it was almost like a campout. The night was dark, the heat oppressive, and IContinue reading “Old Time Rock and Roll”

Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1979

I just got back from the movies a little while ago. Checked out Super 8, the Steven Spielberg-produced and J.J. Abrams-directed adolescent alien thriller, and boy did it make me nostalgic. It’s almost like it was custom made to appeal directly to me: the movie is set in a small town just outside Dayton, OhioContinue reading “Tonight We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1979”