Who Needs Walls?

Last week, my company announced a holiday decorating contest. The next day when I showed up to work, one of the RM’s offices was decorated quite festively. This fueled my competitive spirit and gave me the itch to get in on the action. But with an open office layout and a desk that is inContinue reading “Who Needs Walls?”


The Mystery Coke Machine

In Seattle, there is a haunted soda machine. At least that’s what some people claim, because in the 15+ years it has stood on a sidewalk in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, unprotected from the elements – and let’s face it, in Seattle there are a lot of elements – nobody has ever seen it filled orContinue reading “The Mystery Coke Machine”

The Naked Truth About Capitol Hill

It’s hard to concentrate on a slice of pizza when a group of 30 or so naked bike riders goes pedaling by your table. When that happens, you’re faced with an awkward decision: take another bite and pretend that it’s perfectly natural to see a whole bunch of people go perfectly au naturel in theContinue reading “The Naked Truth About Capitol Hill”

Disembodied Voices, Cold Spots & Channeled Spirits: Just Another Night in the Ghost Hunting Business

The moment I walked through the door of the 108-year old house we investigated last night, I noticed a bed in the living room. My first thought was, is the owner too afraid to sleep upstairs? Which turned out to be exactly the case. As the investigative team of four – including yours truly –Continue reading “Disembodied Voices, Cold Spots & Channeled Spirits: Just Another Night in the Ghost Hunting Business”

A Merit Badge in Ghost Hunting

Like A Vampire Yesterday evening, I came up with the bizarre idea that it would be fun to move the furniture around in my bedroom. I’ve lived in my townhouse nearly five years now, and my bed has always been in the same spot: with the headboard right in front of the window. Truth is,Continue reading “A Merit Badge in Ghost Hunting”

Happy Boo-day To You

I’ve noticed recently that time has stopped mattering so much to me. I came to this conclusion when slipping into a comfy pair of pajama pants at 4:30 PM, when I’d just gotten home from picking the kids up from school. The sun was shining brightly through a scattering of clouds, giving me pause forContinue reading “Happy Boo-day To You”