Put the Pedal to the Metal

You know how old people sometimes confuse the gas and brake pedals? That was me, Friday night. Only I don’t think I confused the pedals so much as underestimated their function. I’m still not sure what happened. All I know is, I was backing into the garage, as is customary. There’s a little concrete “lip”Continue reading “Put the Pedal to the Metal”

How High Can The Fox Jump?

I think I’m in the wrong line of work. Instead of writing, I should become a politician. What prompted me to come to this conclusion, you may be wondering? The answer is simple. I am not above bribery. I learned this about myself yesterday, and while I’m a little ashamed to admit as much, theyContinue reading “How High Can The Fox Jump?”

It’s Called Car-ma

I arrived at work yesterday and was all set to pull into one of the last two available spots next to the building, but one of my coworkers in an SUV had arrived simultaneously, so being the gracious guy that I am, I let her go first. She tried to swing into the corner spotContinue reading “It’s Called Car-ma”