Beneath Mozzarella Sheets

It occurred to me the other day that Tara and I do not share the same tastes in decorating. “I’ve got a great idea for the bedroom!” she said. “Ooh,” I replied. “Do go on.” “For┬ádecorating the bedroom, husband of mine.” She pulled up her Pinterest account and started thumbing through pages of ideas sheContinue reading “Beneath Mozzarella Sheets”


You Don’t Have to Be Ansel Adams

When my brother was visiting last weekend, he asked why I wasn’t on Instagram. Apparently – even though I’m in charge of my company’s social media postings (managing the feeds not only for my employer, but for all our members who have signed up for the service, as well), and am in fact giving aContinue reading “You Don’t Have to Be Ansel Adams”

Mozzarella Sticks Make You Human

A few weeks ago, I was in the checkout line at Target and – total impulse buy here – picked up a tube of squeezable applesauce. It’s called GoGo squeeZ and is similar in concept to yogurt in a tube, Go-Gurt. Which I mentioned here on the blog not long ago, listing it as aContinue reading “Mozzarella Sticks Make You Human”