Burning Down The House, Part 3

It’s pushing 11:30, and I’ve had a busy and productive day. I should be curled up in bed – it’s right there, after all, soft and cozy and less than two feet away – but instead I’m writing in the ol’ blog. There is a reason for this, though. I’m practically choking to death onContinue reading “Burning Down The House, Part 3”

If At First You Don’t Succeed Pop, Pop Again

I had such an outpouring of comments in favor of stovetop popcorn after I wrote about how difficult it was to make that I couldn’t help but come to a rather unpleasant conclusion afterwards. It must have been “operator error.” Case in point: You are CRAP at stovetop popcorn, wrote¬†PlaneJaner, whose blog is one ofContinue reading “If At First You Don’t Succeed Pop, Pop Again”

Who Says Making Popcorn is Easy?!

Somehow, over the weekend I got this crazy idea that rather than microwaving a bag of Pop Secret for movie night, it would be fun to make homemade popcorn on the stovetop instead! What was I thinking?! I had stumbled across a newspaper article earlier in the week that talked about how wonderful homemade popcornContinue reading “Who Says Making Popcorn is Easy?!”