Thank You, Mother Nature

Thank you, Mother Nature. I gave you a hard time back in December. Called you a tease. But the slight was well-deserved, because time and again you tantalized we snow-lovers with promises of frosty, white beauty – only to snatch it all away. You rained on our parade, and I mean that literally (well, exceptContinue reading “Thank You, Mother Nature”

Mark’s Handy, Pocket-Sized Guide to the Pacific Northwest

I got a great Valentine’s Day present when I learned IFC had renewed Portlandia for a second season. I love this sketch comedy series that so perfectly skewers Portland, Oregon. So many of the skits have been dead-on hilarious it’s hard to believe Fred Armisen wasn’t born and raised here. Mayor Openly Reggae. Best lineContinue reading “Mark’s Handy, Pocket-Sized Guide to the Pacific Northwest”

That’s A Lot Of Bunk

Since I’m a self-professed “foodie” (not crazy about the term, though), I’m always on the lookout for the latest, hippest, trendiest eating joints in and around Portland. The places that locals rave about, and that the national media picks up on. So, when I saw an article on Bunk Sandwiches, a Portland hole-in-the-wall that hadContinue reading “That’s A Lot Of Bunk”

If You Fall Off Your Bicycle – Stay Off!

Thursday, I was craving a break from work, so I decided to take myself out on a date. Lunch and a movie in downtown Portland. All work and no play makes Mark a dull boy, and I needed desperately to get out of the house. Before you say Hey, wait a minute, Mark is unemployedContinue reading “If You Fall Off Your Bicycle – Stay Off!”

What’s In A Name?

I’m getting pretty serious about this whole blogging thing. So much so that, when I spent a few hours at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland earlier in the week, I emerged with a book called Blogging For Fame And Fortune. Now, I don’t honestly expect to get rich or famous here. For one thing, IContinue reading “What’s In A Name?”