The Psychology of Being “Liked”

One of the fundamental traits of humanity is the need to be liked. We crave acceptance from our friends, peers, and loved ones. This isn’t egotism talking; it’s built into our DNA. For our long-ago ancestors, survival was a group effort – if you were banished from your tribe, you were pretty much issued aContinue reading “The Psychology of Being “Liked””

I Am Lion, Hear Me Meow

I’ve been on a passive-aggressive hot streak these days. Normally, I am not keen on confrontation. But I also have a hard time biting my tongue. In order to resolve these conflicting emotions, I’ve elevated┬ápassive-aggressiveness into an art form. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, it is defined thusly: The unassertive expression ofContinue reading “I Am Lion, Hear Me Meow”

Do You Believe in Fate?

Do you believe in Fate? Many people scoff at the idea of a predetermined course of events setting the stage for their lives. They prefer to believe in the concept of free will (which, admittedly, is easier to stomach – who wouldn’t rather maintain control of their own destiny? The idea of “The Universe” (orContinue reading “Do You Believe in Fate?”