Everything Old is New Again

We were watching MasterChef last night, and at one point Christina Tosi, one of the judges, started choking and coughing after tasting one contestant’s scrambled eggs, which she declared were too peppery. I have no doubt she was heavy handed with the pepper grinder, but Christina carried on the charade so long that I said,Continue reading “Everything Old is New Again”

Naked and Delusional

Have you ever seen Naked and Afraid? Think of it as Survivor minus the tribal councils and rewards challenges. Making it to 21 days without “tapping out” (or killing your partner) is your reward. Oh, and it’s got nudity. But after a few minutes that’s a total non-issue. Oh, but those first few minutes are glorious…Continue reading “Naked and Delusional”

Meet Your Next Reality TV Star…

…me! Or at least I could be, based on the email I received this morning. Hey Mark! Bray Entertainment, the Co-Creators of Pawn Stars, is casting and developing a new documentary TV series about the real life Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Vacation Movies. We are looking for an entertaining and charismatic dad, like you, who is alwaysContinue reading “Meet Your Next Reality TV Star…”

Amazing Race: How Sweet The Sound

My dad told me yesterday that he had a great idea. “We should go on The Amazing Race!” he said, his eyes lighting up with excitement. “Umm, err, ahh,” I replied, not as enthralled with visions of a merry trot around the globe as he was, despite the allure of a million-dollar cash prize. “WhyContinue reading “Amazing Race: How Sweet The Sound”