NNWM/7: Method Writing

I think I might be suffering from Elvis overkill. I was writing another Elvis scene this evening while listening to Elvis on Spotify and researching the Elvis Suite at Hartland Mansion in Las Vegas. You know how actors like Marlon Brando and Dustin Hoffman immersed themselves so completely in their roles they took on the traits ofContinue reading “NNWM/7: Method Writing”

I’m a Lizard

Text conversation between me and my brother last night… Him: Hey, is a hot dog a sandwich? Me: Nope. But a burger is. Him: It’s the same thing. Bread, meat, condiments. Me: No. A hot dog bun is connected, but a burger bun has two separate sections. A top and a bottom. That’s what makesContinue reading “I’m a Lizard”

Eating a Sandwich Hurts My Brain

Today at lunch, I realized I might have a problem because it took me a ridiculous amount of time deciding how to eat my sandwich. It was nothing special, just your standard ham and swiss on white, but you’d think I was contemplating a war maneuver or something based on the thought I put into myContinue reading “Eating a Sandwich Hurts My Brain”

Tragedy on Wheat

Last night, I was making one of those simple yet satisfying dinners the kids and I enjoy so much: grilled cheese sandwiches. With tomato soup, of course. Because you can’t have grilled cheese without tomato soup. I think our forefathers wrote that clause into the Constitution somewhere. You also can’t have grilled cheese on anythingContinue reading “Tragedy on Wheat”