When Fake is Real: How I Became More Smarter

We were watching¬†Saturday Night Live¬†the other day, and they were doing a sketch on Nelson Mandela’s funeral with a sign language interpreter who was using fake sign language. Pretty humorous, I thought, but what did it have to do with anything real? “Umm,” Tara said. “You know, the sign language interpreter who used fake signContinue reading “When Fake is Real: How I Became More Smarter”

I Can See Japan From My House

I read an article the other day that stated the earthquake in Japan not only shifted the earth’s axis, but actually moved the island nation thirteen feet closer to the United States. Because the planet’s axis shifted, the earth started spinning faster, which shortened the day by 1.6 microseconds. As if Daylight Savings Time wasn’tContinue reading “I Can See Japan From My House”