Searchin’ For My Lost Shaker of Salt

I have a feeling I might take things too literally sometimes. Yesterday, I was heating up a cup of soup for lunch. Reading the directions on the label, I saw this: So what did I do? I reached over and shook the microwave before opening the door. Knowing full well that Campbell’s wanted me to shake theContinue reading “Searchin’ For My Lost Shaker of Salt”

The Answer is SOUP!

A coworker said something interesting the other day. Somebody else at work was sick, and was going on and on about having chicken soup for dinner to help with her cold. He claimed that would never work for him, because “Men don’t eat soup.” This was news to me, because… I’m a man. I eatContinue reading “The Answer is SOUP!”

Breakfast of Champions…?

I work with an interesting group of people at my new job. There are three graphics designers who sit in the room opposite ours (by “ours” I mean me and two web developers). We share a “window” with graphics – really just a pair of rectangles cut into the wall – so conversations are anythingContinue reading “Breakfast of Champions…?”